executive summary

The team behind the impressive construction of Ceiba are seeking parties interested in purchasing the shipyard land, which they currently lease. Explore this website to learn about possibilities, and the jungle shipyard.


the pacific gold coast

Own an iconic shipyard located in pristine Costa Rica. A lifetime opportunity to invest in the gold coast of Costa Rica, while supporting the organic growth of a community seeking to become a vibrant hub of wooden ship building.


environmental protection

Located at the foot of the mountaintop Cloud Forest conservation area Monteverde, AstilleroVerde is the final property in the Bell Bird Biological Corridor. AstilleroVerde has been included in a university study on the Bell Bird Biological Corridor, yet to be released. A key space that connects the high-altitude top of the watershed to the coastal estuary where the rain waters run into the ocean again, this unprotected piece of land is in need of protection: already there has been interest in making it into an industrial shipyard, or commercial marina. Our team is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable, surrounding estuary and mangroves from destruction, while at the same time planting trees to re-establish the biological corridor.


envision a shipyard like no other

This jungle shipyard has graced the pages of more than a dozen nautical publications in the short time it has been in operation. A beacon for sustainable, wooden ship building traditions, the vision of AstilleroVerde is to provide educational opportunities while producing world-class traditional wooden vessels, up to 48m (160’) length overall, with a special niche of sailing cargo vessels.


Partnership or sole ownership

SAILCARGO INC. is seeking interested parties to purchase this property in part or outright. Purchasing arrangements are flexible and open to discussion.