property specifications

This property is perfect for this type of shipyard. Primarily flat grassland, sloping gently down to the surrounding estuary waters. Several large trees (including mango, cashew, and more) provide shade without impeding maneuverability of delivery trucks. Rustic crew accommodations with 12 beds on site. Ample space for additional buildings, such as our planned Small Boat Building Workshop & Educational Centre.


Total plot size: 1.4 hectares, equal to 3.5 acres.

Specially zoned for building up to the waters edge.

220V power installed, preparation for three-phase.

Ample access to clean drinking water.

Paved road up to the driveway, approx. 100m (330’).

Chain-link fence along the road with locking gate.

Full-service kitchen, capable of serving 25 people.

Good WiFi internet, telephone land line.

Two existing water entrances, for launching boats.

Wooden ship building capabilities. See below.


shipyard service portfolio



Our carbon-neutral shipyard also maintains a tree-nursery (vivero) and gardens. The long-term vision is to create an organic food-forest, while providing saplings to our neighbors. All trees are sprouted from seed on site.

Our team has devoted incredible amounts of energy into building this special jungle shipyard, since December 2017. Now complete, the simple workshops, office and crew spaces provide all that is required. Curved, organic shapes are used in the design of our functional structures, often including living trees within the structure itself. This operational shipyard is currently building a 45m (148’) wooden ship and accommodates team sizes of up to 25 people daily.


Accredited educational workplace facility, as recognized by the government of the Netherlands.

Large shipbuilding hangar.

Largest active lofting floor in the world.

Lumber yards, and strong relations with timber sources.

Wood working shop with full selection of power tools.

Steel working shop, with chainsaw apparatus and forge.

Lockable office with printer, etc.

Open-air treehouse office with Wifi & power, overlooking the shipbuilding hangar, lofting floor and sawmills.

Portable WoodMizer band saw mill.

Radial blade sawmill with Lister engine.

Specialized tilting bandsaw, also known as a Ships Saw.

Work truck with four-wheel drive.

+ much more.


local amenities, proximity

Our lovely little community is quiet and tight-knit, with a non-touristic beach at the end of the road. Unlike most small villages in Costa Rica, we enjoy paved roads right up to the driveway. If you want to explore the country, access is simple: the highway is just 15 minutes drive away.


Lovely quiet beach 8 minute walking distance away.

Contacts with boat drivers who offer private mangrove tours.

Hardware store across the road.

Contacts with nearby tractor drivers.

Corner store across the road.

Two small 2-bedroom homes which are rented by SAILCARGO INC. are across the road.

Several small hotels nearby, with pool and A/C.

Bus stop across the road, including direct bus to Puntarenas.

15 minute drive to a large medical clinic, and gas station.

15 minute drive to large grocery store.

Women’s Association next door, providing food services.

10 minute drive to restaurant ‘‘Pica Pica’’, with lovely swimming river.

60 minutes from Puntarenas.

90 - 120 minutes from the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

2.5 - 3 hours from San Jose airport, or Liberia airport.