property specifications, amenities

This property is perfect for Costa Rica’s premier green-shipyard. The land has all basic amenities, and boasts two existing waterfront entrances. Gently sloping grassland is dotted with large trees, providing shade and fruit. All basic requirements are already on-site, with rustic structures often incorporating natural curves and living elements. This functional shipyard regularly receives deliveries from large trucks, and has the potential to expand its service offering.


Land area: 1.4 hectares, equal to 3.5 acres.

Zoned for construction up to the waters edge.

Two existing water entrances, for launching vessels.

220V power installed, preparation for three-phase.

Ample access to clean drinking water.

Paved road up to the driveway, approx. 100m (330’).

Good WiFi internet, telephone land line.

Chain-link fence and gate along the roadside.

Two 2-bedroom homes across the road, rented for part of our crew. Possibility to rent additional homes.

full-service shipyard

45m shipbuilding hangar, currently constructing Ceiba.

Space & capability to construct several vessels at once.

The largest active traditional lofting floor in the world.

Accredited educational facility, currently hosting interns from around the world.

Ample space for lumber yards, with shaded storage.

Strong relations with timber providers.

Lockable wood working shop.

Lockable steel workshop with small forge.

Contacts with nearby tractor / back-ho drivers.

Portable WoodMizer sawmill & radial blade sawmill, with Lister engine.

Vintage tilting band-saw (Ships Saw), for cutting rolling bevels.

Range of chainsaws & Alaskan sawmill equipment.

Work truck with four-wheel-drive.

Lockable office with printer, computers, film equipment, etc.

Unique open-air tree house office, equipped with desks, Wifi and charging stations.

Full-service kitchen, capable of serving 25 people regularly.

On-site accommodations for 14 people.

Planned Educational Center & small boat building workshop.

+ much more.


Our team maintains an ever-growing vivero, or tree-nursery.

To date well over 200 trees from 16 species have been sprouted from seed here.

Primarily focused on fruit-trees, these saplings are planted on site and donated to our community when ready.

This vivero sequesters carbon, making the shipyard carbon-neutral, while providing years of food to our neighbors.

Many trees are producing fruit: mango, cashew, coconut, almond, lemon & lime, guanabana, papaya, and more.


local amenities, proximity

Conveniently located just 15 minutes off of the PanAmerican highway, AstilleroVerde is near the end of Punta Morales. Unlike most small villages in Costa Rica, we enjoy a well-paved road right up to the driveway - eliminating oppressive dust. While the small village is quiet, access to the rest of Costa Rica is simple. See our location on the Contact page, or simply search ‘‘SAILCARGO INC.’’ in GoogleMaps or Waze.


local amenities

Serene Playa Blanca just minutes walk away.

Kind & generous neighbors who love the shipyard.

Corner store across the road, another close-by.

Hardware store across the road.

Large medical clinic 10-15 minutes away.

Gas station 10-15 minutes away.

Bus stop in front of property, with direct bus to Puntarenas.

Several rental options nearby, with A/C & in-ground pool.

Excellent restaurant ‘‘Pica Pica’’ 10 minutes away, with lovely river to swim in.

Women’s Association next door, proving food catering.


10-15 min. from the small towns of Judas de Chomes & Costa Pajaros.

40 minutes from Las Juntas, closest bank & post office.

60 minutes from the city of Puntarenas.

1.5 hours from the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

1.75 - 2 hours from Liberia International Airport (LIR).

2.5 - 3 hours from San Jose International Airport (SJO).